Survivor Friendly, ® a one-stop-shop bridging your needs to the latest options for cancer patients and survivors with grace. Survivor Friendly ® carries custom and off-the-self mastectomy breast prosthesis, breast cancer mastectomy bras, wigs, hats, accessories, compression garments, natural skin and lotion products, and much more. Our BOC-certified fitters provide proper consultation to understand your needs and goals. Support groups and education sessions are available, covering a range of topics.”

After breast surgery, many women feel they will never be whole again. At Survivor Friendly, we believe physical and emotional healing goes hand in hand. A caring attitude, a private supportive environment, and attention to your individual needs help to enhance that emotional healing.

We further believe that life should be about choices….do I want to wear a black or white bra today, or maybe one with lace or even a smooth cup mastectomy bra? Do I care if breast forms match my skin color if they are going inside a bra? What does insurance cover?

We constantly strive to provide not only a mastectomy product but a valuable service. You can go anywhere to buy mastectomy products, but the wrong fit can have long-term effects on your posture, back, and self-confidence. Our certified filters will assist you with your selections and compression by understanding your desired outcome and helping you get there by informing you about product choices that allow you to be in control.


Our History


Our History: Survivor Friendly started three years ago in partnership with Genuine Self Images, 501c3. Its mission is to raise awareness in the marketplace of side effects to help survivors transition from surviving to thriving during their shopping experience and workplace. We also distributed bags to different Cancer centers and mask overseas to provide for free beauty essential not covered by insurance.

In 2020 we purchased a beautiful building and created a beautiful space for breast Cancer survivors to encounter intimate and personal experiences. Survivor Friendly will be the first in all of Eastern US to be a one-stop shop for specialty items for Cancer survivors and women (DEMOS) only focused on mastectomy products, cranial prosthetic wigs, and other personal care needs.