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    Know your Options and Than Make the right decision for YOU!

    Deciding rather reconstruction or prosthesis is a path forward is a hard decision to make. This is why we are committed to informing each woman of her options and reminding each client time is on her side. You can choose prothesis today and reconstruction later, insurance allows this! Because all women have unique needs, selecting the appropriate breast prosthesis is critical for a good fit. There are many vendors who offer many shapes, styles, and sizes to fit any body type. Wearing the correctly fit breast form that matches the remaining breast in size and shape, helps replace the breast weight and keep the body aligned and evenly balanced. Breast profiles may either be shallow, average, or full. Understanding the different profiles will ensure the best fit.

    Typical Off the Shelf Silicone and Non-Silicone Breast Prosthesis Options
    Innovative Medical Grade Breast Prosthesis Options

    Breast Prosthesis has come a long way, some feel it’s in the pocket so who cares about how natural it feels, while others are just the opposite. With surgery every womans’ check topology is different , if the prosthesis is worn outside the bra it should match in skin color. Survivor Friendly prides itself in offering the latest innovation so regardless of what side of the fence you are on, you have options that are right for you and your lifestyle.

    Custom Prothesis

    Having a prosthesis made to fit and fill in concave spaces on your chest wall allows the prosthesis to fit you like a puzzle piece. Not to mention we can color match the prothesis to your color, size, shape, areola, nipple size. This is covered by most private insurances. Click Photo on Right to See a quick video on How this is Done

    Adapt Air - Pump Air in the Back of the Prothesis

    The advanced integrated air chamber allows custom adjustment to your chest wall and your natural silhouette. Thanks to Amoena’s Comfort+ technology within the lightweight silicone form, Adapt Air is able to adjust and provide a perfect fit for women who have undergone a total mastectomy.

    After the prosthesis is placed against your chest wall, use the detachable pump to fill the form with air to your desired look and comfort. Because not all women are alike, the Adapt Air prosthesis allows you to adjust to your individual need.

    After having a mastectomy, most insurance plans (including Medicare) will help with coverage on this form. The Adapt Air is a unique alternative to the off-the-shelf prosthesis and the custom breast form. Please note: Adapt Air is considered an upgraded item, however the cost is only a fraction of the custom prosthesis. For more information please visit Amoena’s Adapt Air website.