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    Philanthropy Supporting The Cancer Community

    The Survivor Friendly Foundation, formerly known as Genuine Self Images, is a program under a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides support for individuals facing physical and emotional challenges as a result of cancer and its treatments. Support is offered through the distribution of free beauty bags, filled with essential beauty products and other supplies to aid in the healing process and help restore a sense of normalcy. In addition, we will create a network of Survivor Friendly establishments by recognizing businesses, agencies, and organizations that are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for cancer survivors. This will be accomplished through the provision of a Survivor Friendly emblem, which signifies that these establishments are dedicated to promoting dignity, respect, and comfort for those who are facing the challenges of cancer.


    Our mission is to empower cancer survivors by distributing free beauty essential bags and building a worldwide community of enlightened and approved establishments. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where survivors are treated with dignity, respect, and comfort.


    Free Side Effect Management Aid
    Survivor Friendly Bags are distributed to cancer survivors by our organization. We partner with other organizations that provide medical and other essential services, and they become distributors of Survivor Friendly Bags. Cancer survivors, both pre and post medical treatment, can obtain a bag at no cost by visiting our website and using the online directory to find a partner located near them. If cancer patients are receiving medical services, they can also pick up a free Survivor Friendly Bag

    The Blessing Room

    It currently located within the Survivor Friendly physical locations, offers post-mastectomy
    products to those who are uninsured or have low income. We provide complimentary fitting
    services and a variety of gently used wigs, prosthetics, post-mastectomy bras, and other
    essential items.

    Side Effects of Treatment Awareness Application and Emblem

    The Survivor Friendly program seeks to create a network of businesses that are sensitive to the needs of cancer survivors. Beauty salons, spas, barbershops, makeup counters, medical facilities, and many more will receive a Survivor Friendly emblem to display at their place of business or on their website, signifying that they have completed education on the physical side effects of cancer treatment. A short educational video and additional materials will be developed to provide a general understanding of treatment symptoms for easy consumption. The emblem signifies that the business has made a pledge to openly welcome and treat cancer survivors with dignity and respect, providing a safe and comfortable environment for them to receive services without feeling embarrassed. Visitors who inquire about a business's Survivor Friendly status, or employees seeking to work at such a business, will not need to explain their physical appearance, such as hair loss, missing limbs, or other symptoms, as they will be treated with dignity and respect at all Survivor Friendly establishments.